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Long objectID when duplicating objects


I'm currently working in Qliksense desktop and building a mashup.

When I duplicate either a single object or a full sheet of objects, the objectIDs assigned in to the new objects are a really long string, e.g. 913ef48b-715a-4801-a6ec-a04ac46d9d4d.

This is instead of a 3-7 character string that I normally get when I create an object, e.g. qGWSrQz.

Is this an issue? Or is it likely to cause any issues down the line (e.g. when deploying to a server environment), if I use the long string objectIDs for the integration.

It is going to take a much longer amount of time to recreate objects, versus duplicating and updating one or two measures each time!



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Re: Long objectID when duplicating objects

As far as I know those strings are not needed to select objects in the mashup editor in the dev-hub. So I don't see any need to worry about these long unique identifiers.

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Re: Long objectID when duplicating objects

Hey Mark,

Ye it's nothing to worry about, I'm guessing you doing the duplication in Qlik Sense Server?
Then Desktop client have historically given you short IDs while the Server product has produced real guids for object ids. At some point these two will meet and GUIDs are the way forward.

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