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Mashup Development - Recommended resources - Best programming practice

Hi everyone,

I've been developing Qlik Sense mashups for a while now and took this on because I like a challenge.  However, my background is in database development, ETLs and BI reporting rather than programming.  I've taught myself various programming languages over the years and, other than the odd frustration at the lack of comprehensive documentation and fully worked examples of the Qlik APIs, I've managed to build Qlik mashups to fit the requirements.  Having said this, I'm always left with the doubt as to whether I'm using best programming practices.  Does anyone have any recommendations of resources that deal with best practice in javascript and Jquery programming, especially in areas such as structuring my code, how to handle variables used in multiple functions, etc?

I'd also be interested to hear which IDEs/editors you use to develop your mashups and why.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.




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