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Mashup Intergrate Issue

Hi all,

Now I created a mashup and also intergrated.

But  I found it is Instable.  Sometimes I get a ticket then I can access the mashup.

Sometimes I get a ticket ,but url redirect:

First pictureSmiley SadI can get a ticket):


Second pictureSmiley Sadthis is QS logging page)


Then I can not access the welcome.html ,must input the name and pwd.

So what's wrong?

I Used the attchment java code.

Please help,thanks.

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Re: Mashup Intergrate Issue

Session timeout, perhaps?

Erik Wetterberg

Erik Wetterberg
New Contributor III

Re: Mashup Intergrate Issue

I am sure it is not the reason. I found every time I open my app ,and then click the button(the url to my mashup),

the issue will come. And mabye try two or three times to reclick the button,I can access my mashup. But evey time I am sure I get a different ticket.

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