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Mashup iFrame displaying very small

I'm trying to implement the Big Screen Slideshow extension but after configuring the extension I'm getting a strange result. The sheet that is being displayed is extremely small and zoomed into the top left hand corner instead of taking up the screen.

GitHub - ardwork/Big_Screen_Slideshow: Create a carousel slideshow for your big screens from your Ql...

This mashup extension was created in the summertime and I'm wondering if the November 2017 update is causing the issue. Is there anything that needs to be changed with the new version of Qlik Sense or do you have any suggestions on why this might be happening? Otherwise the slideshow works great. Thanks!


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Re: Mashup iFrame displaying very small

Hi Bernard,

Try to put this 

<body style="overflow: auto">

<iframe src='' width=600px; height=500px; style='border:none;'></iframe>


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Re: Mashup iFrame displaying very small

Hi Bernard,

did you fixed the issue?

If yes choose the correct answer or explain how you fixed.

Best regards.