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Mashups - different development lifecycle mashup environments on same server

Hi everyone,

We're looking at implementing a dev-test-staging environment for our mashups. Currently we only have one non-production and one production server and no budget for more servers, so looking at best way of 'partitioning' the non-production server in some way. Does anyone have any experience of doing this and have any advice?

Thought about  duplicating mashups, but does not seem like a seamless solution because of different extension names, meaning could not just export/import whole mashup.  I suppose could duplicate  mashups then manually copy and paste code from one environment into other file by file, or replace  all non-qext files in file system in one go, but seems rather inelegant and would need to involve server admin team as I have no access to file system. 


Anyone have any better ideas?


Thanks in advance,