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Multiple User Inputs

Hi All, 

I'm creating a dashboard for my client that will allow them to review their suppliers spend and the category that supplier is currently in. Ideally we want a feature where there is a column on the right of the data table where users can select a category to re-categorize a certain supplier to.  You can see an example of this in the photo, the bottom right box being where user inputs would happen.


Demo photo 2.pngThese inputs would then dynamically effect an impact table showing how the spend in each category is changed.


My main question is does Qliksense's user input box features (or any add ons, i've seen Qlik Branch) allow for these sorts of multiple user inputs. Or do you have any advice on how to create a way for multiple user inputs, or know of a BI tool that is good for user input dashboards? Any advice or ideas are welcome.

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Re: Multiple User Inputs

Hi did you checked Dashboard bundle provided by qlik instalation?
Variable input extension:
And onother nice one from garden: