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Problems with Single Configurator


I have seen this video about Single Configurator Integration & Mash-Ups Introduction and Overview - Part 1 (video) and it explains how to see the charts of your app from your website. So i've tried!

In the video  the url from the object IN QLIK SENSE DESKTOP is inserted in his html code, but if i do the same it works right and when i close QSDesktop, this FAIL (localhost:4848 is down).

I want to add 4 charts in my webpage and in my computer it runs well, but if i connect to the site from another device...it fails too..

This is my question: Can i see the charts using Single Configurator from another device different than i have the localhost:4848?

I hope i explained correctly.

Thank you!

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Re: Problems with Single Configurator

Hi Paula,

You are using Qlik Sense Desktop, a free version of Qlik Sense, and this feature is not included in that package.

see access remote Qlik Sense.

In order to be able to access your mashups / single mashup, you will have to install Qlik Sense Enterprise or Qlik Analytics Platform

I hope this helps,



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