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QRS API ReloadApp Endpoint: how to fetch status


When reloading an app using QRS API endpoint /qrs/app/{id}/reload, how to get the reloading status?

After checking in QMC, qlik sense create a reload task when the endpoint is called.

If the endpoint is called again, the previously created task is triggered.

If there is only one reloading task for the app in QMC, the status could be fetched from the task by reloadtask endpoint filtered by appid.

However, if there are multiple reloading tasks for the app, how to identify the task used by the /qrs/app/{id}/reload?

Thank you.

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Re: QRS API ReloadApp Endpoint: how to fetch status

/qrs/app/{id}/reload creates a task with the name of Manually triggered reload of {Name of App} if none exist. Subsequent calls to that endpoint adjust the execution time and trigger the same task.

Hope that helps.


Re: QRS API ReloadApp Endpoint: how to fetch status

Thank you for reply, Levi.

The only way seems to get status from task named as "Manually triggered reload of {Name of App}".

But as the name could be edited in qmc, it is not clean solution.

It would be perfect if the endpoint /qrs/app/{id}/reload could return the task id once it is called.

Instead of using reload endpoint, more clean solution may be create reload task by myself.