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QS Mashup - global filter

In a QS Mashup, I am bringing in charts from two apps but I do want a common filter (global) that drills into both apps charts. Is that possible?

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Re: QS Mashup - global filter

Hi aanjaria‌,

unfortunately this is not possible out of the box, you would have to create your own "listbox" or filterbox and then apply the selections to both apps programmatically.



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Re: QS Mashup - global filter

Hi Achal,

As Stefan has suggest you can do it by setting filter explicitly for the underlying apps on selection.

Use this code below to achieve it:

var app1 = qlik.openApp('<Name of the app>', config);

var app2 = qlik.openApp('<Name of the app>', config);

//On Selection

$("#id, .Class").click(function() {

            app1.field("[Field]").selectMatch($(this).text(), false);   

            app2.field("[Field]").selectMatch($(this).text(), false);    


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