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Qlik Sense 2 Dimensional Heatmap - QlikSense-Extension R. Becher

Hi Folks,

I'm using the extension (Version from last March 2016) for showing an error distribution on a printing sheet. When we created the app last year with QlikSense Version 2.3 it showed the Matrix with 8 or 9 rows and up to 6 columns without zooming, so you could see all values at one glance.

Now with QlikSense 3.2 SR2 it automatically zooms into the heatmap, so you can see only one or two rows. I use 8 respectively 6 QlikSense-Tiles in vertical direction. I attach the Images of the representation in development mode (2nd Image) and in the active mode, where you can select work with the application.

Does anybody know, if there is an option to change this behaviour?

I understand, that QlikSense automatically zooms to have a good representation on mobile devices, but if I use a PC with a normal Monitor, I would expect to get the full Image of the heatmap. Would it be useful to upgrade to the latest version?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Best regards




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