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Qlik Sense API


it takes a long time to save the app to disk, and it looks like during the save it's not possible to work with the app. Is there any way to change this behaviour using the sense api? we are planning on reloading several times a day and cannot effort not having our user be able to use the app at times.



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Re: Qlik Sense API


first, the api is nothing else than the QMC / HUB client.

What you can do is to automate the following process with the API.

1. make the reload with a copy of your app.

2. make a publish / replace of your app



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Re: Qlik Sense API


You can find documentation for Qlik Sense APIs here (under Client APIs):


You can automate reloading apps by creating reload tasks in QMC or programmatically using for example:

POST http://<QRS server URL>:4242/qrs/reloadtask/create

Also you can save your app using Engine API's "DoSave" method.


Hope that helps!

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Re: Qlik Sense API

When I have apps that take a long time to save, I create a QVD to load the data into, with any transformations required, then load the app from the QVD.

If the QVD takes ten minutes to reload, you can set the APP to reload ten minutes after it start. APP should reload quickly and minimise downtime.

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