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Qlik Sense Extension - Measures property panel - Define purpose of measures

In Qlikview extensions, I could explicitly provide a label for each of the measures I wanted my user to use. In the end, this was just a clarification or my convention to make the users' life easier; as a developers I still accessed measures[0] or measures[1] and I had to again apply each to its specific purpose (i.e. it's not like Qlikview NAMED my measures for me; like measures['tooltip'], measures['background-color']

In Qlik Sense, there is the "measures" property panel; but I can't even clarify what the default measures should be?

In this extension for example, the extension author clarified via Javascript comments; but an average user wouldn't read it.

  measures: {
  uses: "measures",
  min: 0,
  max: 3
  1. Measure: title text for hover popup (optional)
  2. Measure: CSS class name for styling or number 1 to 10 for class color-a = "QlikSense dark blue" to color-j = "Qlik Sense dark red" (optional)
  3. Measure: group name to group items in swim lanes (optional)

That extension also clarified their convention in plain English on their Qlik Branch page, which an average user may read.


  1. Measure: title text for hover popup (optional), default title is start date
  2. Measure: CSS class name for styling or number 1 to 10 for CSS class color-a to color-j which are configured for Qlik Sense diverging colors (blue-to-red, optional)
  3. Measure: group name to group items in "swim lanes" (optional)

Maybe I can use the extension initialProperties instead of the definition or the measures property panel, but I can't find an example yet, so I'm still searching.

Just to be clear, I want a way to communicate user how each Measure will be used by my extension (i.e. for a tooltip, for a background color). If I could prepopulate my extension to look like this, that'd be great:

Prepopulate a few measures and label them so the user knows what I need.PNG

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Re: Qlik Sense Extension - Measures property panel - Define purpose of measures

I'm still curious if I can force the user to fill out exactly 3 measures, each of which has a static label that defines its purpose.

But I stumbled on this extension. It defines its measures in a way that lets the users pick from a "Type", which drives the ref "qDef.amGraph.type", (important to use qDef?) (and many other things like smoothness, etc) so that in my Javascript I can check what the user intended for a measure to do. That could work!

Notice this solution has nothing to do with initialProperties as I speculated. Instead it uses the items property of the measures object, so I could customize what user can specify about a given measure.


While this is great, I'm not sure how to READ this property from inside my extension, so I know which measure the user wants with which treatment. Oh! Now I see: It's available on the relevant measureDef element of the array layout.hyperCube.qMeasureInfo. From the amGraph type above. Note, you must save (Ctrl+S) the configuration you apply; the "amGraph.type" you pick, in order for this behavior to continue in normal "Done" mode after a refresh!

  self.hyperCube.qMeasureInfo.forEach(function(measureDef, mindex) {

    var graph;

    if (measureDef.amGraph.type == 'Waterfall') {

User can extend the Measure object.PNG

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