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Qlik Sense Mash Up Visualization size...

Hey everyone,

I am creating a mashup from scratch, I've created a grid layout using flex-boxes since they are nice and easy to implement and have nice responsive design features.

My issue is when I add a visualization, it does not adhere to flex properties such as flex-grow so does not fill up the div automatically, nor can I size it using percentages. The only way to get a visualization to render properly and fill the space is to explicitly define the height and width in pixels!

Is there any way to size these visualizations without having to define their sizes explicity via pixels!? Reason being is I don't know how big my divs are since I'm using ratios and percentages among nested divs and I'd rather not be using a multitude of media queries either!



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Re: Qlik Sense Mash Up Visualization size...

I mulled over it for a bit, still not sure if it's possible to make the visualisations adhere to flex properties.

One thing I can do though is define the heights of the flex-grid layout utilising the viewport height units (vh).

This way the responsiveness remains and I don't need to figure out exact dimensions.

This is okay for now I suppose!

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Re: Qlik Sense Mash Up Visualization size...

Not sure I fully understand what is happening..

However have you tried; Width: auto,height: auto; instead of defining px size?

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