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Qlik Sense Server Hub DIV/IFRAME Embed

Is there a way, without reinventing the wheel by essentially recreating all of the functionality of Qlik Sense, to remove the top bar of the Hub when embedding the app view in an IFRAME? Or better yet, is there a way to embed a Qlik Sense app (or sheet) view in a DIV, simliarly to how you might do it using the Mashup API for a specific Qlik Sense object?


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Re: Qlik Sense Server Hub DIV/IFRAME Embed

Hey Paul,

There sure is. We have something called the Single Configurator which will construct a URL for you that points to a single object or a single sheet. You can use that url within an iframe to embed into your page.

You can access the configurator by http://localhost:4848/single/ if you are running Desktop or http(s)://server/single/ if you are running a server edition.

You can play with it here, https://sense-demo.qlik.com/single/

A single object, https://sense-demo.qlik.com/single/?appid=075506ed-73ee-4f1a-b9a0-1955df0bb3e0&obj=BHTXyNM

A single sheet, https://sense-demo.qlik.com/single/?appid=075506ed-73ee-4f1a-b9a0-1955df0bb3e0&sheet=PfKsJK

You also have the possibility to apply bookmarks, disable interaction and add a current selections bar.

The Single configurator will also see major updates in upcoming versions of Qlik Sense so stay tuned

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Re: Qlik Sense Server Hub DIV/IFRAME Embed

Hi Alexander,

how to disable authentication like you did on the following link https://sense-demo.qlik.com/single you provided.

in best case scenario, how you authenticate a chart consumed on a mobile app.

I have a mobile app, built in ionic(html, typescript and css) framework, I have consumed the iframes from QlikSense, the problem I’m experiencing is that the iframe redirects to login page first for the user to enter valid credentials. How would I go about bypassing that authentication step?