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Qlik Sense URL Variables with .NET SDK

I see that QlikView has the ability to pass URL variables to perform some actions once a document has been loaded. Does Qlik Sense also have this capability? I am designing a .NET application to sign a user in and direct them to a chosen dashboard or mashup.

I assume I can use JavaScript in a mashup to perform actions based on URL variables, but I can't find any documentation about using URL variables with standard dashboards. Has anyone been able to successfully implement URL variables in a mashup or dashboard? Or does anyone know of any documentation about this?

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Re: Qlik Sense URL Variables with .NET SDK

Hi Tim,

If you haven't already. have a look at the App Integration API it will give you some possibility to pass parameters, like selections, selecting a bookmark or what sheet to display.

App Integration API ‒ Qlik Sense

For Mashups you are more on your own, you will have to parse the URL yourself and perform the various actions using the API's.