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Qlik Sense error: Can not use internal module

I wonder, is it possible to change the logic of checking internal module path?

Im building framework based on d3.js, and would like to use require.paths shortcuts for my modules:


It works fine in Mashup, but in extensions I get this error:


I would like to have same namespace in all my projects (extensions / mashups / QlikView extensions / web-apps outside Qlik), so changing shortcut is not the case

I did some research about this error, it happens because “d3” is listed in internal modules array:


And every module that starts with “d3” is forbidden:


This logic should be fine:

88538: return t[t.length-1] === '/' || t[t.length-1] === '.'?0 === i.indexOf(e):t === e

If Qlik Sense R/D reading this, can you update this line in next release? Thanks!

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Re: Qlik Sense error: Can not use internal module

I mean e[e.length-1] === '/' || e[e.length-1] === '.'?0 === t.indexOf(e):t === e

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Re: Qlik Sense error: Can not use internal module

Hi, this is interesting. I'm having an error saying "Can not use the internal module 'd3'" when trying an extension I'm writing.

I opened this thread about it: Extension D3.js - Loading js files

How did you solve your issue? Is it a matter of renaming the js so they don't start by “d3”?