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Qlik Sense - experiencing a problem with session timeouts.


we just deployed Qlik Sense and are experiencing a problem with session timeouts.

Each time a Client is inactive for (exactly) two minutes (does not load new data, not filtering dashboards...) a message pops up saying:

An error has occured - the app was closed. Update the app to continue.

As the message says the browser needs to be refreshed to continue working. This is especially annoying while working in the editor, as any unsaved changes are lost and one has to wait for a reload to continue. Users who were looking for too long at a dashboard or changed tabs also have to reload apps constantly.

We already changed the session inactivity timeout in the QMC / Proxies to 30 minutes.

The Clients are using the Service from within our VPN.

There is no conflict of clients, where one client is used by several users.

Has anyone an idea what's causing the error?

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