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Qlik Sense via iframe in Google site web page


I've configured Qlik Sense to authenticate through SSO with our corporate Google domain via SAML. SSO authentication works like a charm. However, when I try to embed a Qlik Sense dashboard in a Google site iframe gadget using the URL from Single Configurator, the Qlik Sense dashboard wouldn't show up in the Google site web page until I open the Qlik Sense site. The fact that SSO is enabled, I fully expect that upon opening the corporate Google site web page where there is an embedded dashboard URL, the SSO will facilitate the authentication in Qlik Sense. Or am I missing some configurations in QMC?

I'm running Qlik Sense 3.1.1.

Appreciate any help/advise on this.



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Re: Qlik Sense via iframe in Google site web page

Hi Eric,

Did you ever get this sorted out? It is exactly what I want to do.. but I haven't done the implementation yet.



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