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Qlik Visualizations API object do not react to user input

Hello community,

I am using the Qlik visualizations API to generate objects on the fly in many of my mashups. I think this is an amazing feature so we are using it quite a lot.

There is however one thing that annoys me: the buttons in the objects' toolbar (see picture below) do not work ever. I click on them and the CSS classes do what's expected on hover, on active, etc. but it doesn't display any behavior at all.


Every time I render one of these charts, I get systematically the same error message:


I do understand what this is trying to say but I don't know why I am having issues with the Visualizations API and not with the standard getObject() method.

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Re: Qlik Visualizations API object do not react to user input

Hi David,

Glad you like the Visualization API...

I don't think your error message is related to your problem directly, but it is a symptom that something is not set up correctly. I am no expert in this, but I think you need to look at your proxy configuration. The actual call (qrs/extension/schema) is used to get the list of extensions, so it has nothing to do with selections and it seems like you are using the built-in charts. I assume you are running on an external web server. Does the same mashup work if you run it with Qlik Sense server the files??

Erik Wetterberg

Erik Wetterberg
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