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Qlik sense Mashup getMoreData Example of use

Hi, i can't figured out how to use correctly the getMoreData method; anyone has an example of how to use it? I have tried to use the example that i found in the sense-developers but i get an error. How have i to combine the code of this method with the code of gedata method?

code of getMoreData method:

<button ng-if="fieldMonth.rowCount>fieldMonth.rows.length" qva-activate="fieldMonth.getMoreData()">More</button>

code of getData method:

var myField = app.field("Month").getData(); myField.OnData.bind( function(){ myField.rows.forEach(function(row){ console.log(row.qElemNumber); }); });


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Re: Qlik sense Mashup getMoreData Example of use


What error do you get? When does it happen?

Erik Wetterberg

Erik Wetterberg
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Re: Qlik sense Mashup getMoreData Example of use

hi, i get the error "Cannot read property '0' of undefined";

i have changed the rows of the getData method in this way:

$scope.months = app.field("myfield").getData();

$scope.months.OnData.bind( function(){



and the getMoredata in this way:

<button ng-if="months.rowCount>months.rows.length" qva-activate="months.getMoreData()">More</button>

In this way it show in the correct way the first rows but when i click the more button i get that error

what am I doing wrong? I'm not an expert of angularjs

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