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QlikMap detect zoom level


I have been using the commercial version of QlikMap to create some data visualization apps. I have been using layer option to hide and show certain elements after a filter has been selected. However, it would be really great to provide a more seamless experience if I could detect the zoom level and show/hide certain layers/objects on the map.

Is there a way to achieve that?



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Re: QlikMap detect zoom level


You can achieve it by assigning variables to buttons/ adding a condition to multi layer chart object. Correct me if I'm wrong and if you can be more specific what you want to achieve?

Better if you can upload a test qvf or a screenshot?


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Re: QlikMap detect zoom level

Hi Shahbaz, thanks for the input.

The map is dynamic as you can zoom in and out. The extension I'm referring to is this www.qlikmaps.com

I'm creating for example a state count (let's variable x in each state). If I initially start from zoom level 1 for example, as the map defaults by showing all possible variables mapped, my numbers are too crammed together. Ideally i would like to hide these numbers until the user zooms in enough, like zoom level 3, and start showing the count numbers.



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Re: QlikMap detect zoom level

Maybe you could try the following method:

Create a map in Qlik sense/sever,

Use Qlik sense Set Analysis to show/hide map points when zooming in/out.

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Re: QlikMap detect zoom level

I've worked on QlikMaps too and also Polygon Layer but we do not have popups sticked on states.

Are you using Custom marker Icon?

Expression something like this?


    display: block;

    margin-top: 1em;

    margin-bottom: 1em;

    margin-left: -40px;

    margin-right: 0;

}>'&if(your measure)>400000,1)


or you can assign any dimension instead of measure above. Also decrease the cluster size to 6 or 7 and increase the height and width of map to fit all points evenly like I did in the image below.

You can also adjust zoom level by editing expression, I do not know how exactly to achieve it but I think you can.

The above expression is used as a markers on map and you cannot adjust zoom level within Qlikmaps. What you're asking is Cluster sum up and this feature is available in 'Google cluster Map.'

For zoom adjust check the image, you can assign a map base (center of map) by giving any latitude or longitude.

What type of map are you using?

Is it Points, Marker or Multilayer map? There are many way to adjust the size of your markers but I believe you cannot sum it up on zoom out and break it down on zoom in. For that you might have to edit .js which is a bad idea.

Or you can use SetAnalysis too as Haikuo mentioned but it will only show/hide values but no affect on zoom level.

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Re: QlikMap detect zoom level

Hi Wei,

Fyi, that can be done in IdevioMaps for Qlik Sense.

Just set the "Out resolution limit" (m/px), can be used for all layers with labels.



Patric Nordström, Idevio

Try IdevioMaps for Qlik Sense, QlikView and GeoAnalytics Connector at QlikMarket or watch the highlights on video.

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Re: QlikMap detect zoom level

Thanks Haikuo and Arvind,

Yeah unfortunately it won't work with Set Analysis as the value itself won't change from the numbers displayed on the map but simply the level of zoom of the map itself. The goal was to trigger css property display:none or even use the map functionality show/hide if zoom level was too small and show it once the user zooms in enough to avoid too much text overlapping.

The numbers displayed are customized markers in HTML on a layer.

Yes QlikMaps gives customized center and zoom option, I'm using the Qlik Sense version, but even after setting the customized level, it would zoom out as default in order to show all data. The customized zoom gets triggered only if the user resets the map, which is not really useful in this case. Since I plotted for all states, including Alaska and Hawaii, it shows the US map very small as screenshot provided before. I guess it really has to be on the JS backend side, I really hoped there were frontend variables that would allow actions based on map zoom level since it offered user the ability to set customized zoom level. Tried anyway.

Thanks again for all the help

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Re: QlikMap detect zoom level

Hi Patric,

Thanks for pointing out this extension. I was hoping more on potential solution for QlikMaps, but appreciated knowing for the potential alternative too.

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Re: QlikMap detect zoom level

For zoom in you can select it by 'Lasso.' Circle, Rectangle or Polygon Lasso. Or you can also define Radial plot which will also work as zoom in.

Qlik Maps for Qlik view is different to Qliksense.

Qlik Maps support Qlik Sense better.

And also break it down what exactly you trying to achieve?

Ex: If a user clicks on a data point it should zoom in and upon clearing it should go back

      Setting default base map or zoom level for map


To only show US map selected cities as base you have to assign Latitude and Longitude in 'Map Center'

Ex: If you want the default map zoom to be only between cities like Wyoming and North Carolina then enter Latitude of Wyoming and Longitude of NC in Map Center. In this way the first look will be between these cities. And upon lasso selection it will zoom in and when a user hits back button it will go back to previous selection.

The zoom will work much better in Multi layer, Polygon but markers it might not be that efficient. Please adjust the Map Zoom and Map Center to see the US map in a bigger view Or upload the test data which you using and maybe I can try?


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