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QlikSense Single Sign-on (Can't Find Virtual Proxy)

We implemented authorization in QlikSense.  It seems to always work in FireFox.  However, in browsers like Chrome we keep getting the following error:

2017-02-02 00:05:30.911 -05:00 [Information] [] request url = https://csiadpaq01.office.comscore.com:4243/qps/sso-prod/ticket?Xrfkey=Qhicv2yvzGBqu6CM

2017-02-02 00:05:30.915 -05:00 [Information] [] System.Net.HttpWebResponse

2017-02-02 00:05:30.918 -05:00 [Error] [] Error code: BadRequest

2017-02-02 00:05:30.919 -05:00 [Information] [] Couldn't find virtual proxy derived from targetId 31991c42-aefd-49da-98b9-3c60d4a6aaaa

2017-02-02 00:05:30.921 -05:00 [Error] [] System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

  at Comscore.AdEffx.QlikSense.Auth.Security.Ticket.Execute(Object query, String endpoint) in C:\workspace\git\external-delivery-ui\adeffx\Comscore.AdEffx.QlikSense.Auth\QlikAuthNet.cs:line 259

  at Comscore.AdEffx.QlikSense.Auth.Security.Ticket.TicketRequest(Object query, IResponseFormatter response) in C:\workspace\git\external-delivery-ui\adeffx\Comscore.AdEffx.QlikSense.Auth\QlikAuthNet.cs:line 126

Let me know if you need code sample.  Anybody else have an issue similar to this?

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Re: QlikSense Single Sign-on (Can't Find Virtual Proxy)

Additional details:

  1. From our code, when we request a resource, Qlik will generate a targetid for it.
  2. We we receive the targetid by redirect from QlikSense site, we request from the QPS api with the targetid.
  3. The QPS is telling us the targetid is unknown.  The 400 bad request is thrown by us.
  4. We believe something is messed up in QlikSense Postgres repository DB.
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Re: QlikSense Single Sign-on (Can't Find Virtual Proxy)

Hi Jeremy,

did you had the same issue on a complete new installed system?

I have this constellation working very fine.

Could it be that you didn't request the ticket with the virtual proxy added to the rest url.

bye Konrad

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Re: QlikSense Single Sign-on (Can't Find Virtual Proxy)

I will pass that info on to my colleague.  Thank you.