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Qliksense Extension - simple table with selection

Hi All

I was trying an extension on simple/straight table (using table template) to have scrollable table in the browser window instead of users using more buttons to see remaining columns (if the page has more than 10 columns). I used scrollable options JavaScript for this. It's working as expected but the table doesn't have selection option (to filter values in each column) available in any columns (it looks like a simple html table). I just want to know how to add selection/search option on objects in extensions. What options we need to add in the js to get filter/search/selection option in table extension?

Thanks in advance for the help



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Re: Qliksense Extension - simple table with selection

Hey Shree,

If you are building your own objects in Qlik Sense you as a developer also needs to handle how the interaction model should work.

Have a look at the sample here in the documentation https://help.qlik.com/sense/en-us/developer/index.html#../Subsystems/Workbench/Content/BuildingExten... for a intro to how select values in a extension.

The Horizontal List example extension which ships which ships with the product should also give you some insight into how selections could be achieved.

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Re: Qliksense Extension - simple table with selection

Thanks Alexander, This helps.

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