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Qliksense WSDL for api


i'm trying to use the qliksense API, in order to i need the wsdl file.

if i'm going to this link, i get a not found error:


Anybody have an idea how to get this wsdl file ?

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Re: Qliksense WSDL for api

Hi Robert,

The APIs (there are several) for Qlik Sense are quite different compared to QlikView. What you refer to is QlikView specific and not applicable to Qlik Sense.

To get started I would suggest the Developers help site at http://help.qlik.com/sense/2.1/en-us/developer/#Home-developer.htm

Best regards,


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Re: Qliksense WSDL for api

Hello Bjorn,

I wasn't specific enough.

I've searched this page and foudn this:


What i wanted to do is to reload fresh data in the application from my database


Re: Qliksense WSDL for api

Not sure if you're using .NET, but there's an example in the .NET SDK which is close to what you want to achieve.

Have a look here: Administering Qlik Sense apps using Qlik Sense .NET SDK

If not using .NET you need to use the Engine API and communicate using JSON as described in the API.In that case I suggest that you look into qsock and the other repositories on Github at mindspank/qsocks · GitHub