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REST Pagination Next Token Problem - Youtube API

Hi there,

I am trying to retrieve some data about youtube videos. The data is pretty basic. I am finding the list I need, however I am having a pagination problem. As I know very little about this topic, I figure I am probably doing sth very stupid.

Here is how I am setting my REST API:

REST Youtube.png

The path for the pagination I found using the following view:

REST Youtube1.png

Any idea on how to set this pagination correctly?

Thank you in advance,


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Re: REST Pagination Next Token Problem - Youtube API

Try unchecking "is header field" next to pagination field names. That seems to do the trick.


Re: REST Pagination Next Token Problem - Youtube API

Thank you for the response Henrik. I did try checking all, unchecking all, checking only one, but nothing seems to work.

What I had to do is create a loop calling an url that updates every time with the next page token. But honestly, if there is a native option to do it through the REST connector, I would rather use it.

Even though I could retrieve the data this way, I still have some issues with the data, which I believe is something with the API as I saw more people having the same problem in the internet. What is happening is that after retrieving around 600 rows, it starts bringing empty responses, even though there is still a lot of data to bring. It does not seem to be a cota problem as I have enough "requests available"and I am using a sleep function to avoid overloading them with requests.

Again, I don't know much about this topic, so any help is welcome.

Thank you again, Henrik.


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Re: REST Pagination Next Token Problem - Youtube API

Are there any update about this topic ? I've the same issue...


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