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Read Field Selections in Mashup Website

I would like to use the Mashup / Backend APIs to integrate some Qlik Sense content into a third party website. As part of this integration, I would like the third party website to be aware of selected values in a field. For example:

I have a web based inventory tool. I am displaying some Qlik Sense charts analysing inventory inside the inventory tool UI. I make some selections in those charts and as a result find three inventory IDs I want to order. I would like to be able to click on a button and add those three items to an order in my inventory tool.

This is just one scenario of where integration between the Qlik Sense charts and the host website might be necessary. Essentially I want the host app to be able to read the list of possible values in a specific field when an action is triggered (say the click of a button). How can I do this?

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Re: Read Field Selections in Mashup Website

You could use the createList method which allows you to create a listobject that acts in the same manner as a hypercube, i.e a callback is called whenever the data is updated through a selection in a chart.


Another method could be to just create a generic string expression, very similar to a variable in QlikView/Qlik Sense.

You could for example do a =Concat(Field,',') to create a string of concatenated values that you can send along to the inventory system.


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