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SSO Qlik SAML Attributemapping problem


I have set up a single sign on intergration between keycloak and qliksense.

but i cannot map any of the Existing SAML attributes that i receive,

i got following attributes in log, [Name='name', FriendlyName='fullName', Value='firstName lastName'] [Name='email', FriendlyName='email', Value='email@address.com'] [Name='userid', FriendlyName='username', Value='adUsername'].

The only attribute that works is the one i use as "SAML attribute for user ID". It will show up as UserID and Name on the user in qlik after login.

I have tried to map email and fullName through the SAML attribute mapping in qlik but its not working. i have tried all kind of names in the "Qlik Sense attributes" area

I use [QLIKSAML] as name in "SAML attribute for user directory".

did i missed something here?




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Re: SSO Qlik SAML Attributemapping problem

I have the same issue, somebody any ideas?


Re: SSO Qlik SAML Attributemapping problem

I'm having similar issues.


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Re: SSO Qlik SAML Attributemapping problem


For custom attribute mapping, the values will be "stored" (only as session variable) in user.environement.email or user.environement.name. I use this mechanism to "store" users roles and access them in security rules.

But i haven't found a way to store theses values as persistent attributes of the user. If you find a way, i could use it.



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