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Search Expressions & qlik.app.field.selectValues


I'd like to be able to make a selection in a Mashup using a search expression (bottom of page) combined with some user-entered values.  I don't quite see how to pass the search expression to the qlik.app.field.selectValues() method, has anyone succeeded with something like this?



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Re: Search Expressions & qlik.app.field.selectValues

Not sure but I have used expression like this, here chartFieldname and prevChartType are js variables -

app.field(chartFieldName).selectValues([{ qText: prevChartType }], false);

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Re: Search Expressions & qlik.app.field.selectValues

Thanks Digvijay, my trouble is I'm trying to put something in the qText like:

Sum(Sales) > 500000 OR Only(ShipToCountry) = 'Brazil'

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