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Set qOneAndOnlyOne Field Property from MashUp

Hi everyone,

I am building a MashUp and one of my main objectives is set a field (Fecha) to always one selected value. When I open the App in openApp.js, I include the following code:

openApp = app.obj.qlik.openApp(config.id, config);
      app.obj.app = openApp;
      console.log("app opened " + config.id + " in host " + config.host);
      app.obj.app.field('Fecha').selectValues(["Feb 2018"], false, true);
      var response = app.obj.app.global.session.rpc({
        "method": "GetField",
        "handle": app.obj.app.model.handle,
        "params": ["Fecha"]
      }).then(function (response) {
        if(response.result && response.result.qReturn &&
          response.result.qReturn.qType === "Field") {
            let qHandle = response.result.qReturn.qHandle;
              "handle": qHandle,
              "method": "SetNxProperties",
              "params": {
                "qProperties": {
                  "qOneAndOnlyOne": "true"

Fecha is setting properly to "Feb 2018" but the OneAndOnlyOne property is not working properly.


Where am I wrong?

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