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Setting filter values in JavaScript


I'm embedding QlikSense mashups with div integration on an external website. One required feature is to allow the user to save/load filter values. The key/value pairs will be saved on the external site.

I'm half way there, having managed to get current selections like this:

function saveSelections()


app1.getList("CurrentSelections", function(reply) {

var mySelectedFields = reply.qSelectionObject.qSelections;



However, I can't figure out how to use the API to set filter selections. Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: Setting filter values in JavaScript

Hi Anders,

It is much easier to use a bookmark. Use your own type for it and it won't show up in the client.

Erik Wetterberg


Erik Wetterberg
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Re: Setting filter values in JavaScript

I realize that bookmarks are a possibility, however, that would mean saving settings on the Qlik server, right? I don't think that is an options for us since we will have users who - are far as Qlik is concerned - are anonymous, but still need to be able to save settings on the external website.

Anyway, I found this app.field.selectValues method which seems to be what I'm looking for: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/1.1/Subsystems/Workbench/Content/BuildingWebsites/API/Me...

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