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Setting the Chart Object Scale in Qlik Sense .NET SDK


I have been trying to create a barchart using the Qlik Sense .NET SDK. However, the top part of the bar chart gets cut out when I call the object through an application on my mobile phone.

I realized that this is a scaling issue arising from the chart property settings.

Hence, for the Qlik Sense .NET SDK I used the MeasureAxis setting in the barchart properties. In this setting, I want to set the scaling as wide. But, there is no property called scaling. After some research I found that I need to set the spacing property to wide, i.e as 1 (since spacing property takes a float argument). But this does not seem to work for the charts being created by the application.

The first two bars get cut out of the frame from the top. They had numbers mentioned on top of them and this now creates the issue of the numbers not being visible.

This problem is the same as the "out of range" problem as mentioned in the following link :


I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me exactly what property to set for dealing with this problem.

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Re: Setting the Chart Object Scale in Qlik Sense .NET SDK

I'm afraid I don't know the exact properties you need, but what you can do is to compare the properties of the bar chart created by the Qlik Sense client and the one you create through the SDK and see where they differ. This should give you some clues as to what's missing. This tool is useful if you want to inspect the properties of your objects:


The tool can be downloaded from this page:


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Re: Setting the Chart Object Scale in Qlik Sense .NET SDK

Hi! Thank you for your response. I have downloaded the toolkit and was looking at the chart properties of charts related to my dashboard of interest but I could not find any property related to the "scaling" parameter. I could see the min, max settings in the json of the chart properties but none related to scaling.

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