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Showing Qlik Sense Apps in Custom Application

1. We have an ASP.NET application that performs authentication and manages access permissions at the presentation and data layers. Is it possible to use a proxy AD account that has access to the QlikSense Applications/Streams to load the QlikSense elements (sheets and/or individual elements), without prompting the user for their own credentials when the QlikSense elements are loaded in the .NET application's page?

2. When a user accesses a page in the .NET application that has QlikSense elements, is it possible to pass User Identifier Data from the .NET application to the QlikSense Server so that the QlikSense Application DataSource is a TSQL StoredProcedure that accepts the User Identifier Data and returns only data that the user has permission to see as determined by our logic in the StoredProcedure?

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Re: Showing Qlik Sense Apps in Custom Application


Yes there are several scenarios that you can use to connect to a Qlik Sense Server.

You can use "AsNtlmUserViaProxy", "AsDirectConnection" or "AsStaticHeaderUserViaProxy".

There is also the possibility that you write your own proxy with it's own user handling.

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