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System.Aggregation error when connecting to qlik server via .net Sdk

I have tried several methods and versions of methods to connect to the qlik server from the .Net SDK commands... I always get this error...


Here is the code:

  static void Main(string[] args)


            var uri = new Uri("https://aserver.onnetwork.corp");

            if (args.Length > 0)


                uri = new Uri(args[0]);


            ILocation location = SetupConnection(uri);



        private static ILocation SetupConnection(Uri uri)


            ILocation location = Qlik.Engine.Location.FromUri(uri);

            // Defines the location as NTLM via proxy. The default value for proxyUsesSsl is true. Must be set to false if the connection uses http.


            //var domain = "myDomain";

            string user = "*****";

            string pwd = "*****";

            //location.AsNtlmUserViaProxy(proxyUsesSsl: true); //i have also set this to false. and i have checked the proxy to make sure it                receives both https and http connections

            location.AsNtlmUserViaProxy(proxyUsesSsl: true, loginCredentials: new NetworkCredential(user, pwd, uri.ToString()));

            return location;


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Re: System.Aggregation error when connecting to qlik server via .net Sdk

Looks like the SDK and it's dependencies have not been installed correctly. Did you install it from NuGet? You might want to try to simply do a reinstall of that package.