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Target based on filter (selected items)

We have an graph showing our sales from the last 5 years per product. (stacked column graph). Beside this graph we have an filter with all our branches. What we want now is when we select certain branches we want to add an target line to the stacked column graph.

Example: When we select branche: 'Hospitals' an target line of 100 needs to be added. I can't find any documentation about what we want to achieve is this possible?

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Re: Target based on filter (selected items)

Set yourself up a separate branch targets table in your data load either inline or from a data source like excel.

Call it


It should contain at least

BranchId or name whatever your key is

BranchTarget to store your target value

In reference lines add


And it should if your mapped your branchkey correctly set a target line based on the branches you have selected.

Hope this helps



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Re: Target based on filter (selected items)

You can Add the Target line(Reference Line) in Presentation Tab.

If you don't have the data for Target line you you need to give a target explicitly.

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