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Use annual and quarterly approach in expression

I have this scenario:

I want to have two approach in my expression. First is Annual Approach, second is quarterly approach. For example, If the quarter of "PIN 123" is 1-4, sum(Annual Approach Expression). If the quarter is 1-3 or the whole quarter of the year is incomplete, sum(quarterly approach expression).

I have the expression working properly for annual approach and quarterly approach. The problem is I want to identify whether each data per Per quarter is 1-4 or 1-3/2-4 . For example

if (quarter per PIN is 1-4) then {

//Annual Approach } else {

//Quarterly Apprach }

I attach my qvf file below. PLease see it for yourself. Thank You and Happy Holidays!

PIN           OWNERNUM          QUARTER          PENALTY

123              1000             1               40.00

123              1000             2               40.00

123              1000             3               40.00

123              1000             4               40.00

456              1000             1               20.00

456              1000             2               20.00

456              1000             3               20.00

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Re: Use annual and quarterly approach in expression

Hi Mark,

what does it have to do with "Qlik Sense - Integration, Extensions and APIs", please can you post this to a general Qlik Diskussion area.



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