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Virtual Proxy JWT -> attributes to Qliksense

Hi All, 

we have configured our QlikSense with a Virtual Proxy for all customers authenticating over JWT . 

this all works ...recently we had the language added to the JSON payload , I'm now looking into pickung up that Language into the scripts for the load editor..  

I added JWT attribute Mapping ... I cannot find back any detail documentation on how to incorporate that Qliksense attribute into my load scripts (to alter output to the required language) 

in the online help , i can find info on setting up virtual proxy (that works) , under authentication , the last property is about JWT attibure mapping , saying

Click Add new attribute to map JWTattributes to Qlik Sense attributes. If the name value is enclosed in brackets, that value is used as a constant attribute value: [example] gives the constant attribute value 'example'.



any help appreciated 




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Re: Virtual Proxy JWT -> attributes to Qliksense



For JWT configuration you have to use same deomain id, username whatever used in signature otherwise it throws an error.




Re: Virtual Proxy JWT -> attributes to Qliksense

Authentication over JWT works . I only need to language as from the JSON payload beenig mapped form the JWT to QLiksense, trying by adding a mapping into the virtual proxy but no succes picking up the content on the qliksense side . 

e.g. this is a sample payload 

"name": "abc abc",
"userId": "abc.abc",
"email": "info@example.com",
"language": "en",
"roles": [],
"exp": 1542274800

i then added a mapping to the VP , JWT attribute 'language'  to Qliksense attribute 'USER_ISO_LANGUAGE'  , as then to use that in a sql where clause in the load editor .





Re: Virtual Proxy JWT -> attributes to Qliksense

Hi , 

the authentication is working , we only extended the payload with 'language', i now want that 'language' to be available for my data load editor (script) so i can dynamiccaly load SQL with a where clause .


hence i mapped the attribute in the VP , thinking the VP would handover the JWT language to the qliksense USER_ISO_LANGUAGE , i however cannot call it back form the data_load_editor  ...