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Website don't work after change Qlik version

I was using Qlik's version of February 2018, now I'm  using November 2018.

I have a webpage to access to Qlik using javascript, it was working perfectly, but now it is generating errors and don't work. The javascript errors says:

"TypeError: window.qlikMashupLoader is not a function"

"Error: Load timeout for modules: js/qlik-require-plugin!_unnormalized2,js/qlik-require-plugin!

I need help to solve this bug. Thanks so much.

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Re: Website don't work after change Qlik version

Hi @tony_empiredev,

Looks like you are using undocumented internal modules in your mashup; after the February release, in order to optimize performance, we removed some of the libraries that were bundeled with requirejs.

require( ["js/qlik", "xmodule"], function ( qlik, xmodule ) {...}); // this will not work anymore
// you will have to remove "xmodule"

I hope this helps

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Re: Website don't work after change Qlik version

Hi Aaz,

This is a part of my code.

Html file:

{% extends 'TonyMainBundle:Default:layout.html.twig' %}
{% block title %}Qlik's Table for Sales{% endblock %}
{% block header_title %}
    <div class="row">
        <div class="col-md-5 col-sm-2 col-xs-10 ">
            Qlik's Table for Sales
{% endblock %}
{% block content %}
    <iframe id="iframe" style="height: 300px;width: 100%;" src=""></iframe>
    <button id="export" class="btn-sm btn-primary" onclick="export();">Export Data to API</button>
    <div id="error" style="color:red;"></div>
{% endblock %}
{% block others_javascripts %}
	<!-- First time -->
	<!-- <script src="{{ asset('/js/require.js') }}"></script> -->
	<!-- Last test -->
    <script src="http://mysite.com/resources/js/external/requirejs/require.js"></script>
    <script src="{{ asset('/js/main.js') }}"></script>
{% endblock %}


And main.js file:

const HOST = 'mysite.com';
const APP_ID = 'f4d8f3a-1f96-4296-9669-38dd054kk9b5';
const SHEET_ID = 'd6b4ed73-baf3-4c20-96d0-91d72efd10aa';
const OBJECT_ID = '3f4d8785-9f35-411f-ad03-abcf090fb1b4';
var app;
var config = {
    host: HOST,
    prefix: '/',
    port: 80,
    isSecure: true

require.config( {
    baseUrl: ( config.isSecure ? "https://" : "http://" ) + config.host + (config.port ? ":" + config.port : "") + config.prefix + "resources"
} );
require(['js/qlik'], function(qlik) {
    qlik.setOnError(function (error) {
            type: 'type-danger',
            message: error.message + '. Do you want reload the page ?.',
            callback: function (result) {
                if (result) {
                    window.location.href = url_index;
    //Open the application with Id defined in APP_ID
    app = qlik.openApp(APP_ID, config);
    //Clear the filters
    $('#iframe').attr('src', 'http://' + HOST + '/single/?appid=' + APP_ID + '&sheet=' + SHEET_ID + '&opt=currsel&select=SalesType,1,2');
var export = function() {
	app.getObject(OBJECT_ID).then(function (model) {
        model.getHyperCubePivotData('/qHyperCubeDef', [{
            qTop: 0,
            qLeft: 0,
            qWidth: 2,
            qHeight: 900
        }]).then(function (cube) {
            //Process the cube
            if (cube.length > 0) {
                var table = getTable( cube );
                console.log('Read finished');
		sendToAPIREST( table );
            else {
                BootstrapDialog.warning('An error occurred to read the data from Qlik');

As you can see, I do not use undocumented internal modules. From my website I connect with a Qlik application and a specific sheet, so I apply filters on a table and show this table in my iframe. The next action is to export data, then read from a hypercube that represents the table and send the data to an API.

Maybe you can show me a small complete example that includes connection to a Qlik application and a reading using a hypercube.

Thank you very much for your help.


Re: Website don't work after change Qlik version

Your code looks about right - I have no clue... Maybe mixing http/isSecure is the problem:

port: 80,
isSecure: true
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Re: Website don't work after change Qlik version

I do not think it is mixing http/isSecure. We do have  very similar code and on one machine, where we have qlik from April 2018 (12.16), it is working fine and on the other one, where we have Feb 2019 version (13.9), we have exactly the same problem as Tony_empiredev. Application code is the same, only qlik versions are different.

Tony_empiredev have you been able to find solution for this problem?

My colleagues suggested to copy new require.js from qlik installation (C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Client\assets\external\requirejs) and replace it in our client code. He claims it helped when we switched last time to new version of qlik. I tried it, but it does not seem to resolve the issue. I wish someone from Qlik side would distribute notes with advise what to do when pushing potentially breaking changes.

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Re: Website don't work after change Qlik version

Small update. Copying the "require.js" file actually helped. Last time I tried update of docker image with our application was not generated correctly. After another try this works, but it is quite annoying to copy this require.js file whenever new version of Qlik is out there. Has anyone better solution?