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Which 3rd party mapping tool you'd recommend for Sense?

Hi guys,

I've to decide which mapping tool use for a Qlik Sense development (as unfortunately the out of the box is not enough for we wanted to do), and even though I already did some research I'd like to know your thoughts based in existing Qlik Sense project you worked with.

Important points for me: easy to use for the user (and developer), multiple layers, plenty kind of maps (flow charts, spider, heatmap, clusters, overlying another charts on the map, etc), working offline (is not a must), highly customisable, etc..?

So which mapping tool (and why) do you recommend me for Qlik Sense and most importantly, that is production ready? So nothing 'funny' will happen if there's a lot of data involved.

I know that there are many valid answers (tools) depending of each need, but that's why I'm asking your thoughts based on your own experiences.



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Re: Which 3rd party mapping tool you'd recommend for Sense?

That's a very difficult question to answer David (particularly in my position). As a Qlik partner I'm assuming you have looked at the range of solutions available on Qlik Market (market.qlik.com)? There are possibly others but the ones on Qlik Market have been developed by Qlik partners so you know they have access to knowledge and support provided by Qlik and you know they are legitimate going business concerns. These solutions are all also "production ready" so your requirement is met. Beyond that, your specific requirements and who is active in your geography ideally from a support perspective will need to drive which solutions you look at.

Some factors that will drive your decision:

  • Do you have an existing GIS such as ArcGIS or Pitney Bowes MapInfo or use other geospatial technologies you need a solution to interact with?
  • What is the nature and scale of the data you are using?
  • Do you require geocoding services?
  • What region are you located in?
  • What do you mean by "highly customisable"? Which aspects need to be customised? The interface, the map layers?

Most solutions will offer mutli-layer maps and geospatial tools of various types so you'd need to be specific about what functions/features are "must haves" for your scenario.

Your local Qlik team may also be able to assist you further in identifying the partners active in your region and which solutions you should consider.

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Re: Which 3rd party mapping tool you'd recommend for Sense?

Hi David,

we alwasy use NPGeoMap because:


  1. extrem low price, best value price ration, only price per server
  2. incredible speed, you can map ten-hundred of thousands of markers / poligons
  3. highly customizable
  4. direct and high quality support
  5. very good online documentation


not really self service, complete own concept that you have to understand before you can start.

bye Konrad

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Re: Which 3rd party mapping tool you'd recommend for Sense?

Hi David,

I'm a bit biased (I work for idevio) but I really recommend you to take a look at IdevioMaps. We cover all the aspects you find important, easy to use, advanced features with many options with a unique multi layer architecture.

And our Sense version is already in production at larges telcos, banks, logistic companies and governmental institutions. I would be happy to give you references.

More demos and info at QlikMarket, for a test license, visit Contact Form « idevio.com !


Patric Nordström, Idevio