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XML to Qlik template

I am trying to build an app from XML input.

at present, the user fills a form online as below fields in the webpage.

Name: (user types in the field)

Gender: there are 3 options to click /Buttons 

Rating: there are 5 options to click /Buttons 

Opinion: (user types in the field)

Step 1- When the above fields are filled and completed by the user the data can be downloaded into XML format.

Step 2- he has made an excel template and a converter which converts XML to excel and vise versa .

the excel template what he has made have different fields and data around it as soon as he converts the downloaded XML the blank fields fills up with the inputs from XML file to the excel template (i believe he has used an Excel Java Script API to convert and load the data in excel).

Now my aim is to do the similar in Qlik so that I could do analysis with the data.

Is there any possibility that I could download the XML data and build a template in the qlik environment. 


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