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blank filters in mashup

hello everyone,

I'm trying to create a mashup using bootstrap and angularJS.

I found that there is problem in filters which appear to be blank.


anyone knows what may cause this problem?



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Re: blank filters in mashup

No, I haven't seen this one. Do you get any errors in the console?? If you use developer tools and try to inspect the HTML elements are they empty?? Or is it a case of css styling??

Hope this helps


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Erik Wetterberg
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Re: blank filters in mashup

There were no errors in the console, i used the inspect elements and it seems that not all the classes are loaded :\

I found this bug in another qlik sense with angular mashup

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Re: blank filters in mashup

Having same issue with Angular in a mashup. However I've noticed that by double-clicking anywhere in the pop-up brings up the search box and then clicking again finally renders the popup correctly with data. I inspected the websocket frames and also found that it wasn't actually returning the filter data until I did the double click followed by the third click.filter_issue.png


Re: blank filters in mashup

Hi Daniel, Lital,

Can you share your code?

Please also tell us what QlikSense version you are using.



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Re: blank filters in mashup

Hi Aiham,

Here's the code: https://gist.github.com/dmassars/9ff76a1b26cf88588a1d

I'm using Qlik Sense Server v2.0.2.

Seems to me like an issue regarding how Angular is being bootstrapped by Sense, though I'm not sure.



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