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cache initializer extension


does anyone has experienced the cache initializer  extension which is on Branch?

I'm looking for a feedback, does it worth to install and use it?

Do you have any solution to pre-caching the app and sheets with various selection?

Thanks for your contribution

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Re: cache initializer extension

Hey Anthony,

I haven't used that specific solution but i have used similar for QlikView.
Overall, unless you have an enormous app it's usually not worth the effort vs the cost of maintaining another moving part of the deployment.

But for very very large apps where the initial clicks will take a few seconds then yes it could really help improve the initial user experience. Then again, 9 out 10 times you can usually re-work the data model or find a different aggregation level to speed of the app instead

As usual with Qlik solutions there are several ways to achieve the same results so I suggest you give it a try, if it works then great!

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Re: cache initializer extension


there is also an sample in the .NET SDK see http://help.qlik.com/sense/2.0/en-us/developer/#../Subsystems/NetSDKAPI/Content/CodeExamples/Downloa...

Best regards

Lars-Göran Book

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