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freeze column Header on Table extension

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to create an extension for Table to suffice business needs. I created the extension and was able to achieve all the functionalities what business wanted like column title font coloring,Weight and Size and also the same for row cell as well. But few default functionality of table like Freeze column title during scrolling and search on column title was not achieved. I am new to extension creation and not sure how to achieve this. I even tried to get the code of default table from Qlik server and it seems like that table is coded in different format using Html and JSON and there are several CSS files and references which I cannot retrieve and I assume these are embed in the Qliksense application itself. If someone can help me in either finding a way how can I implement column search functionality and Freeze column title in to my extension or how to customize the default table code and make it work with my extension.

Screenshots of what I require for reference.

Thanks in Advance!


Anbirkuiniyan T

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