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getRowCount() method returns wrong result


I have an extension that should react different in case of lack of data. So for example i have table with one dimension and one measure.

I ticked the condition NullSuppression for dimension, so I do not want to get null values of dimension.

After that I implement c couple filters to get the situation when I haven't got any data.

BUT when i call method this.backendApi.getRowCount(), it returns me 1 row, and the method this.backendApi.getDataRow(0) returns me the following:


All the values are null. Why do QS returns me row count = 1?

Qlik Sense November 2017

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Re: getRowCount() method returns wrong result


Your first cell is a dimension, qElemNumber -2 means it is collapsed,(check NxCell definition here) is this a pivot table?? Looks like you get one collapsed cell in an empty pivot table.


Erik Wetterberg
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Re: getRowCount() method returns wrong result

Hi Erik,

I define my HyperCube like this:


            version: 1.0,

            qHyperCubeDef: {

                qDimensions: [],

                qMeasures: [],

                qInitialDataFetch: [{

                    qWidth: 50,

                    qHeight: 50




As I understand, by default qMode is DATA_MODE_STRAIGHT

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