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qState wrong in Mashup custom filter pane


Atm im building a custom filter pane for mashup.

I readed from the link below how the filter system works:


Lets say i got the filterpane SalesPerson and Region.

When i select 1 SalesPerson all the other SalesPersons get the qState X and the Regions filterpane get filtered with the regions that are possible with the SalesPerson, but as soon i select a other Region that has at that moment the qState O they also all get qState X.

When i use the built-in Qlik filterpane it works how it should work, i can select a more then one SalesPerson since they get the qState A.

Green should be S thats what is selected.
Light grey should be A as far as i understand thats alternative.
Dark grey should be X thats excluded.

To receive the qState from Qlik im using: (Its using a forEach loop thats why i use [0])

reply.qListObject.qDataPages[0].qMatrix.forEach(function (value)


In the reply.qListObject.qDimensionInfo.qStateCounts i see only how much of each state is possible, but the counts are always correct only not the qState of each filter object.

Anyone a idea what could be wrong? Or how i should request the qState to get the right qState.


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Re: qState wrong in Mashup custom filter pane

I am having the same issue and definitely need this looked at.  It seems the actual Qlik interface is doing something different.  My qStates are also not aligning with the interface's states.