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qlik-visual component and master items


Is it possible to reference a master item from a qlik-visual component instead of hard-coding the measure formula in a mashup? I would like to use the Qlik application to define the measures and dimensions, and then refer to these master items as parameters in my qlik-visual component.

Thank you!

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Re: qlik-visual component and master items


Yes it is, but you need the id from the measure or dimension. Specify that as qLibraryId. If you are refering to a measure, you also need to add qType:"measure", otherwise the api will assume it's a dimension.

For the visualization API this is described here:

The Visualization API

qlik-visual simply wraps the visualization API, so the same stuff works, only you have to stringify all javascript objects.

Hope this helps


Erik Wetterberg

Re: qlik-visual component and master items

Thank you for your answer! Could you tell me how to get the libraryid for a metric? It doesn't appear in the single page...

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Re: qlik-visual component and master items

I have the same question. Is there a way to find out qLibraryId of a Master Measure or Dimension ?

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