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/qrs/extension clarification

Dear colleagues

I want to update a json file dinamically which is inside an extension.

I've seen there is a method to update files in extensions:


This is the method :


I can't find any example about how to use it.

I've use other qrs methods successfully but I'm having issues with that. When I send 

qlik.callRepository('/qrs/extensions/lui-example/uploadfile?externalpath=test.txt&overwrite=false').success(function(reply) {...

It always responds 404 (Not found)

So my questions are:

Does this method really overwrite files inside extensions ?

If yes, can you send any valid example, more explicit than the help one?


Thanks for your help

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Honored Contributor

Re: /qrs/extension clarification

Yes, it does. But you need to do a POST, not a get, and provide the file content.

Erik Wetterberg