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sharing of bookmarks on qliksense

Hi ,

I have a requirement  where we

"Need to build process for sharing bookmarks with other users with extension objects."

Can someone help in creating an extension object .


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Re: sharing of bookmarks on qliksense

Well, what do you need help with?

This is a good starting point if you never have built extensions before https://help.qlik.com/sense/2.0/en-us/developer/Subsystems/Extensions/Content/extensions-introductio...

However you will probably be hard pressed to build all of this as an extension.

There is currently no way of hooking into our routing to add your own routes, I guess you could to query parameters and pass in a bookmark id and try to parse that.

However I would probably instead build a "bounce" page that would get the app, the bookmark id and then behind the scenes open that app and apply the bookmark and then forward the user on to the app to the correct sheet. That would select the appropriate values in the users session so the selections will already be applied when they reach the app.

That seems like a lot of work though. We have sharing of bookmarks on the roadmap so if they are willing to wait we will ship that feature, eventually

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Re: sharing of bookmarks on qliksense

Thanks for the reply alex,

Can you guide me how to create the bookmarks as extension or modify  the bookmarks.

Which editor i have to select to create the bookmark in the localhost:4848/dev-hub.

Please guide me so that i can try..


Re: sharing of bookmarks on qliksense

I would suggest you start by reading the relevant section in the documentation


Stefan Walthers extension tutorial is also a great starting point


If you don't have any previous experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript there are tons of great online learning centers to start with such as

Learn to Code by Doing - Code School


Udemy: Online Courses Anytime, Anywhere

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