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Multi-Cloud questions about authentication and scaling

Hello everyone,

We had a trial run with the QSEFE and very happy with it. Therefore, we have a few questions we would like to know further, please.

  1. Does Qlik have a guide to setup connect QSEFE to external MongoDB? afaik, I couldn't find it in the 4 pdf that Qlik provided to us. I reckon it does need an external secret for non-community edition of mongo. Does the MongoDB keep all of the QSEFE settings?

  2. Does Qlik have a guide to setup generic Idp other than Auth0 and Okta? I need further information in ClaimsMapping bit where it specifies client_id: [ "client_id", "azp" ]  < , it logs me in as auth0|5b76bf6c6fe9644ab14366a6 instead of my user id or email... I have tried "email" but it doesn't claim it as my email either...

    does it also mean I can specific realm : "Keycloak" in the yaml file too?

  3. Can we copy the QVFs ourself to the PVC in the Kubernetes than delivering it through the AppDistributionService?

  4. How does the QiX engine scale? does it base on the number of sessions? CPU or memory? For example, can we force each session through Mira to one Qix Engine only? so 100 sessions = 100 QiX engine pod.

  5. Would it be helpful to Qlik or community if I write a bash script / cloudformation in centos 7.4 (AWS Environment) to deploy QSEFE?; A single tainted master node with storage class pre-provisioned and network ready with Calico or Flannel.

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Re: Multi-Cloud questions about authentication and scaling

Hi Min, sorry for the delay. I did not see this question and this community is still fairly new. These are great questions I will find out for you. Just curious - did you ask the Qlik individuals you were working with during the trial?


Mike T


Mike Tarallo