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No Authentication configured for hostname

I have installed QlikSense Enterprise on Google Kubernetes Engine and after install i have several pods still pending and get an error when trying to log in.


{"errors":[{"title":"No authentication configured for this hostname","code":"LOGIN-2","status":"401"}]}

engine-default-c84cb6cb7-dsvh5 0/1 Pending 0 157m

engine-qlikview-default-696d76779c-x9cr6 0/1 Pending 0 18m

qseok-qix-datafiles-6fd9cf564b-2lpn2 0/1 Pending 0 159m

qseok-resource-library-6c87ddc4b-9httd 0/1 Pending 0 159m

qseok-sharing-9f4d4ddf5-9wbm4 0/1 Pending 0 8m54s

qseok-temporary-contents-b44db9fb9-k56vm 0/1 Pending 0 8m28s


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Here is the yaml file for the install. I guess i needed to change the hostname. anything else? what about the values that show as masked?

devMode: enabled: true engine: acceptEULA: "yes" global: persistence: storageClass: "nfs-dynamic" identity-providers: secrets: idpConfigs: - discoveryUrl: "https://dev-test.eu.auth0.com/.well-known/openid-configuration" clientId: "masked" clientSecret : "masked" realm: "Auth0" hostname: "elastic.example" claimsMapping: client_id: [ "client_id", "azp" ] groups: "/https://~1~1qlik.com~1groups" sub: ["/https:~1~1qlik.com~1sub", "sub"]