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Silent Installation and port 443

Hi, All,

We created AWS EC2 instance and I tried to install Qlik Sense server on it. I used the silent installation command based on information from Qlik support site. If I executed the command manually (run as admin in Command Prompt), it worked well and installation completed successfully. But if I put this command in a cloud formation template script (yaml), it looked like the installation was completed because all log files (15 of them) were generated without error. However, if I tried to access QMC site, it gave me 'The site cannot be reached' error. Long story short. I found the cause could be the port 443. This port was opened after I manually installed Qlik Sense. But it is not open if I installation was performed through yaml code. I have checked all permissions I can think of and could not find problem. Do you know what the problem might be?




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